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Transitioning into University life is daunting. It presents an exciting new chapter in a person's life but also means leaving behind family, friends and familiarity. Lately, the number of students declaring mental health problems has surged and university support services are often inaccessible.

#Me equips students to deal with life’s challenges before they become life-altering. We connect students, provide a supportive environment for their voice to be heard and encourage healthy coping strategies to ensure students can make the most of their time at University. #Me offer #Me Meetings throughout the academic year for students to sign up to, working closely with the University and #Me brand ambassadors. If your University would like to be part of this #Me Movement, please contact us below!

Previous students found the course to be effective in the following ways:

- Felt valued and supported.

- Developed a more positive mindset.

- Reduces risk of loneliness by facilitating connections and building networks.

- Eases the transition and helps you adapt to university life.

- Reduces stress and anxiety, which can improve academic performance and overall University experience. 

- Offers early intervention by encouraging you to be open about feelings and deal with stressors / concerns.

- Helps develop the resilience needed for University, placements and later life.


Hear about some of Loughborough University students' experience of attending or facilitating the #Me course.


I am really enjoying the weekly sessions and logbook and finding they are having a positive impact on my mental health.

It's enabled me to cope with stress / conflict much better and it's been great to make new friends in the meetings.

That's the thing I took away from it the most, the change in mindset of how to go about everyday life.

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