"I am really enjoying the weekly sessions & logbook and finding they are having a positive impact on my mental health."

- Georgia, Loughborough University -


Be part of the #Me Movement

Transitioning into University life is daunting. It presents an exciting new chapter in a person's life but also means leaving behind family, friends and familiarity. Often, students can be overwhelmed at the change of scenery, managing finances, degree pressures, making new friends and just generally balancing the various aspects of student life. 

The number of students declaring mental health problems has surged... University support services are often inaccessible which results in student wellbeing levels declining over-time.

#Me tries to equip students to deal with life’s challenges before they become life-altering. We connect students, provide a supportive environment for their voice to be heard and encourage healthy coping strategies to ensure students can make the most of their time at University. 

#Me offer #Me Meetings during both University semesters for students to sign up to. We work closely with the University and #Me student ambassadors to ensure the facilitators and students get the most out of each session and improve their mental health, wellbeing, self-awareness and emotional resilience. 

If your University would like to be part of this #Me Movement, please contact us below! 

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"I was really impressed by the ideas/#Me approach to mental health and wellbeing." - Zee, Loughborough University

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