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If you would like to order more than 10 logbooks or you're interested in our training programmes, please contact us so we can create a bespoke offer to suit your needs

Why not show someone that you're thinking of them during this time of year and enrich their life with this thoughtful, practical gift? 

Each logbook covers a 3-month new habit-forming period and includes daily check in pages, weekly exercises and helpful suggestions throughout. There is also a safety crisis plan in the back wallet. The logbook goes hand in hand with the pack of positive coping strategies. The cards provide a variety of cognitive, behavioural and emotional strategies that allow each individual to build a portfolio of healthy coping methods that works for them. As well as being useful for keeping our hands busy and distracted, stress balls provide mental benefits by boosting blood circulation and alleviating tension and stress through the repeated pattern of gripping and releasing them.

Christmas Pack

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