Everything Happens for a Reason

By Aiman Raja

I’m 21 years old and have just recently graduated from Loughborough with a 2:1 in Sport and Exercise Science. However, I’m an aspiring foreign exchange (forex) trader and this is the story of how I was given one of the best opportunities any trader could ask for. Don’t get confused, I will not be gloating about my career, but instead I will discuss the Law of Attraction and how it may be utilised with everything in life. To clarify, I studied my degree at Loughborough College, not the university (this is important later in the story).

I’m sure many of you have seen the countless adverts on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram etcetera about forex trading, stock trading and bitcoin etcetera. At the start of my third year, I was intrigued by the prospect of forex trading, not only because of these adverts, but because I knew both my grandfathers had made incredible careers out of it. A few days later I came home from college and noticed my dad was studying forex on an online programme he purchased. He explained it was because, yep, he noticed the adverts and wanted to learn what his dad was so good at. I completed this programme alongside my dad and took plenty of notes.

Another advert soon came up whilst I was on YouTube from a trader called Samuel Leach. I immediately started watching all his videos and realised he had established a large trading company; Samuel & Co, just outside London which looked like such a fun place to be. I stuck a picture of the company logo on my bedroom wall alongside other goals regarding my gymnastics training, I aimed to achieve these by the end of 2019.

Just a few weeks later, an opportunity came up within the company for a junior trader and so I immediately applied. The next morning, they rang me for a telephone interview, and I had a face-to-face interview the following week. I was one of twelve successful applicants and was invited to attend their one-week training course at their offices. This is where I can discuss the Law of Attraction. This is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we focus on, it utilises the power of the mind and subconscious to translate our thoughts and materialise them into reality. Those who focus on negative thoughts, will find it difficult to escape from that cloud. Those who focus on positive thoughts, will eventually find a way to create and seize opportunities and achieve their goals.

My subconscious processed the image of that company logo on my bedroom wall for multiple hours every day, this enabled me to create and seize the opportunities necessary to achieve one of my 2019 goals before the year even began.

The training course fell on my college reading week in November 2018 which meant I could attend, and I was beyond excited! This is where I will now talk about how everything in life happens for a reason...

If I had achieved a grade B in English Language/Literature at GCSE, I would have studied A-Levels. Instead, I achieved a grade C and went to Loughborough College to do a BTEC in Sport and Exercise Science.

If I had achieved a grade B, I could have then gone to Loughborough University. Instead, I had to complete my degree at the College.

If I had attended the university, I would not have been able to attend that forex training course as the reading weeks differ from college.

Furthermore, if I had attended the university, I would have had less time to complete the subsequent assessment period as I would be writing larger essays and revising for more exams.

I am a strong believer in everything happens for a reason. For a long time, I was upset I didn’t get into Loughborough University, but now I understand that it enabled me to achieve something much larger. We should try to avoid being upset for long periods of time when we may not get what we want or perform as well as we wanted. It just means that an even better opportunity is arising soon.

They say the art of forex trading is 20% technical skill; the ability to read fast moving data and make sense out of random green and red lines. And 80% emotional management; the ability to only enter trades when they follow the company’s criteria, to hold a trade even when you are in a loss, and to continue following your company’s criteria when you are experiencing a temporary losing streak.

The company psychologist spoke about the Law of Attraction during that training week, and he taught us how to utilise it to manage our career and day-to-day lives. The most fundamental aspect is that our subconscious brains ruthlessly process everything, it is far more powerful than our conscious brains. Our beliefs have been developed since birth and they are held in our subconscious. It has recorded all the information from our senses, external environment, and internal energy systems in order to generate these beliefs. It contains the entire history of everything we have said, thought, and done in our lives, it’s a librarian. It is the driving force and it is what the subconscious believes that determines what we do in life.

If we think negatively, speak negatively, or react to difficult situations negatively, it will record this information and strengthen any beliefs we have that our lives are negative. Instead, we should actively try to think of the positive aspects during a difficult situation, in order to rewrite any subconscious negative beliefs, and strengthen the positive beliefs. This will enable us to create and seize those all-important opportunities and lead a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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