Many versions of you

By Racheal Chapman

How many different versions of you are there?

  • The online you... the portrayal of your life on social media

  • The work you...the professional, perhaps callous you

  • The school run you......'life is amazing, my kids are SOOOOO well behaved, I'm not stressed AT all!'

  • The party hard, party harder, it doesn't matter who sees or in fact what they see

I'm sure there are many many more possibilities. The list could be endless...

  • The fatherly you

  • The anxious you

  • The home cook you

  • The Sunday morning you

  • The comedian you

  • The road rage you

  • The gossipy you

  • The generous you

Are there any cross overs between those versions of you? Any common themes? 

Or maybe each ‘you’ looks so different that people wouldn’t recognise any other version. Perhaps if they came across the professional version of you, they'd stand in front of you mouth agasp, wondering 'who is this person?'

But really, who is it that is benefiting from these many versions of you?

In today’s day and age, honesty and openness are key to building good strong relationships. And good relationships I believe have a massive bearing on happiness. 

Can that happen if people believe the online ‘you’ or the school mum 'you' is the REAL you, when in fact it’s almost unrecognisable? 

How tiring is it to hold up these different personas? 

So be you, BE THE REAL YOU. Be transparent. In the long run you’ll thank yourself for it. 

How many different versions of 'you' are there?

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