Making the most of DIY

By Racheal Chapman

Many people have been using lockdown as a time to indulge in a little DIY. Living rooms have been decorated, fences have been painted, gardens have been transformed, and MANY pallets have been repurposed. 

But are these DIY projects just a way of freshening up your surroundings, or are they also good for stress-busting and improving mood?

Such a project will give you time out, time to focus on something that isn't work or COVID-19, or being stuck at home. It allows you some creativity. It takes you away from the pull of technology, news and staring endlessly at social media news feeds. It gives you a sense of achievement, satisfaction, accomplishment. 

Haven't tried any DIY yet?

Here are some top tips:

  • Do your research.

Pinterest, Google searches and YouTube all have a wealth of tutorial videos, and are also a good place to search for inspiration. Thanks to YouTube we now have 3 fully functioning lamps in our recently decorated lounge! 

  • Start small.

If you haven't had much time for DIY in the past, then building a giant children's play frame from scratch may not be the best idea! It can be helpful to refer to the SMART goal setting mindset when thinking about what project to tackle

  • Make use of materials that you can access.

Pallet projects are really popular at the moment, and most of us know someone who's got a pallet or two laying around. Try a pallet bench for your outdoor space, or a vertical pallet planter. Not only is it great to reuse and up-cycle what's around us but it also means you aren't spending lots of money on materials you may not end up using or that you have to trial and error with a few times.

  • Make or do something useful - something that solves a problem for you or replaces something that perhaps was broken.

Are you working from home and in need of a desk lamp? Do you need a planter to start growing some herbs? Has the popular family game been played with so much that the box needs replacing? Perhaps you have been meaning to jazz up the tiles in your kitchen, or paint a feature wall in the lounge?

  • Rome wasn't built in a day.

Be realistic with your expectations, with your time frame (especially if you are still working) and with the outcome. As wonderful as online inspiration is - it can also create unrealistic expectations. Remember these DIY projects are intended to lift your mood not frustrate you!

So what is stopping you? Go for it!

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