Life is always changing

By Racheal Chapman

Life IS always changing. You will never be constantly happy, forevermore. That just isn’t reality. And what’s more problematic than the disappointment of unrealistic expectations?!

So what you need to learn is to change your mindset with each change that comes along. Change how you view that circumstance. Change how much time and space you allow it to take up in your mind.  Having the same outlook for EVERY situation just doesn't make sense. You'll be setting yourself up to fail!

How do you mean, I hear you say?

Leaving your job may be seen as a solely sad experience, but instead see that as a new opportunity to make a difference.

Instead of moving house only being seen as a stressful and disruptive situation, see it as an opportunity to meet new people, form new friendships, enjoy a new area of town.

Instead of going through blue days/weeks/months and allowing it to rule all areas of your life, see it as a chance to bring a small array of happiness to others who are blue (I LOVE sending cards and small gifts to others - it brightens MY darkest days, and more than likely those of others).  

Will it instantly change your circumstances? No! But it will change how you deal with them, it will change how that change affects you. 

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