Just let life happen

By Chantel Muller

We are all holding so tightly to that which we think puts us in a position of control.

And then, something extravagantly life shattering happens, or nothing particularly extravagant happens at all, and the world comes tumbling down, and we lose our grip.

But sometimes, that is exactly what needs to be done. Sometimes you just have to let go of that grip you think you have on life.

Sit a while with that anger, heartache, disappointment. Get to know it, get to understand the insides of it, so that you can define it, before it defines you.

Then, only then, you can regroup, re-establish and rise higher than this thing.

There is a time to hold on and a time to let go, and sometimes all it takes is a little faith in which direction to go.

Just let life happen. Blogger Chantel discusses how we can't predict our lives and the importance of letting go.

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