I wouldn't choose what I went through, but...

By Racheal Chapman

I wouldn’t choose what I went through, but I wouldn’t change it either.

Some people seem to stroll through life without a care in the world, while others seem to stumble into every hurdle going. But would you change those hurdles?

I’ve personally been through some tough, tough times....persistent emotional bullying as a teenager, depression aged 22, panic attacks, irrational anxiety, severe work place stress, a pregnancy with a 98-99% chance of miscarriage, my husband’s business being swiped from underneath his feet leaving huge long-lasting financial difficulties .... but to name a few.

Would I choose any of these things?

NO NO NO, who would?!

BUT, would I change them? No, for the most part I wouldn’t. For some I would even go as far as to say ‘I’m glad it happened’. GLAD!

Doors were closed that perhaps would have led to the wrong rooms. Strength and resilience was built within me that perhaps no other circumstance could have allowed for. Relationships were cemented. Genuine love and kindness was shown to me in abundance at various points in my life - love and kindness that I’ve been compelled to then try and show others.

So, yes I am, I’m glad it happened. It hurt and it broke me, but it also made me who I am today. 

Racheal shares how she WOULDN'T change even some of her toughest experiences

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