How can you beat the Winter Blues?

For many people, January and February can be tricky months to navigate. The joys or even stresses of Christmas have been and gone, but the days are still long, dark and cold.

Whether or not you suffer from a winter related illness (Seasonal Affective Disorder is the one that springs to mind) lots of us genuinely struggle to make it through these months. The signs of spring may seem like a lifetime away.

So, what practical steps can you take to improve your wellbeing?

1) Plan in activities that you enjoy.

Perhaps a weekly coffee along with a book in your favourite coffee shop? A regular trip to the local park for a stroll? Dinner dates with friends and family. Whatever it is that makes you happy, schedule it in.

2) Eat well.

Make a meal planner, shop accordingly and eat food that makes you feel good. Don’t deprive yourself of your favourite treats, just be mindful of that fact that good food fuels your body and mind.

3) Get active.

You don’t need to take up high intensity work out classes 5 times a week, but choosing an activity that increases your heart rate and gets your body working will be beneficial. Try walking with friends/dog/your children round a local nature reserve. Take in the beauty of the great outdoors!

4) Spend time with people who make you happy.

I think this one is fairly self-explanatory. Alone time is good, but time with others is good too.

5) Talk.

Share how you are feeling, I can guarantee you that you are not the only one.

6) Get cosy.

Sometimes you want to just snuggle up under a blanket, by a warm fire listening to music. And that’s ok!

7) Get creative.

Do you enjoy writing? Making music? Drawing? Painting with your kids? It can focus the mind, and calm the brain. Perhaps you could craft some motivational cards and send them to others that you know are finding this time of year tricky.

And remember, winter is just a season… it leads to spring which leads to summer. Yes there will be dark days, long days, but there will also be days that are full of light. 

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