Have you ever stopped to look at the sky?

By Racheal Chapman

Have you ever stopped to look at the sky? I mean really stopped? REALLY looked? And not in a ‘what’s the weather doing today?’ kind of way.

Life is so busy. We have so much going on. Even when we stop, we don’t really stop, do we?

I don’t.

Whilst at the farm park with my family over the Easter holiday I clambered up on to the big bucket type swing, initially to accompany my 1 year old. But within 30 seconds he was off chasing Daddy.

But I stayed put. Swaying gently, gazing up at the beautiful blue sky. Nothing in my eyeline, nothing except the vast expanse.

Shortly after, my 6 year old hopped on, but she’s easily bored and soon jumped off in search of more.

But again I stayed put. For once I WASN’T in search of more. I was in the moment, and I wanted to stay in that moment.

In all honesty, I could have stayed there all day. It was peaceful, despite being busy. It was calm, despite all around being chaotic. Serene.

Perhaps we need to take time out each day to spend time looking up at the sky? I know I do...

Have you ever stopped to look at the sky? Blogger Racheal reflects on the simple things.

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