Be real

By Chantel Muller

yes I wear my heart on my sleeve.

yes that makes me vulnerable and possibly naïve.

but it also makes me real and authentic and able to admit and share with others all the victories and failures of my journey in becoming the best me I can be.

yes I wear my heart on my sleeve.

and it sometimes hurts.

but really feeling, really pressing through those hard times, even if it hurts, helps me to be open and perceptive to the hurts of others.

not everyone you know will respect and cherish your heart's vulnerability.

what others think of you is their business.

what you think of yourself is yours.

focus your energy on the latter.

celebrate all the beautiful friends who have always held close to their hearts your heart's celebrations and miseries.

thank all those who have not done so, for they have given you the valuable gift of freedom. freedom from having to be tied to another's opinion.

and always, always be careful when given the privilege of carrying the heart of another within yours.

take most care of it, guard it with all diligence.

for within the heart lies most everything of a person, and out of it flows all of that person's life.

so yes, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I will continue to do so, because it makes me open to love, to others and to myself.

Be real. Blogger Chantel explores why she believes it's good to wear her heart on her sleeve.

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