Be free

By Chantel Muller

Spending your days, walking on eggshells, always trying to do and say the right thing, not to upset anyone...?

Always anxiously trying to prevent your loved ones from feeling hurt, experiencing rejection?

So many moments of choosing not to say anything because you were concerned that the other person was not strong enough to take the confrontation?

So many days and nights of trying to take control, find the solution, for the problems you perceived someone else was having?

Listen up.

Do not be deceived but open your mind to the truth.

The lie that you have entertained, believed, lived: they are not strong enough, you have to help them.

Yes they might be fragile, yes they might be weak.

But when they look inward, face their fears, they will find THEIR answer, not your answer for the problems you perceive they have.

While you are doing it for them they will never discover what lies within, the strength, the endurance - that they can do hard things.

So free yourself and in the process you will also free them.

Walk next to them, instead of carrying them.

Listen more than you provide solutions.

Offer choices rather than direct their steps.

It feels good to let go.

Take that brave step. Go ahead and crush all the eggshells!

Be free.

Be free. Blogger Chantel talks about freeing yourself from anxiety.

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