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Meet our bloggers

Our weekly blogs come from our featured bloggers, who write about their experiences in discovering how they can overcome their mental barriers, appreciate the world around them, and can help to bring some understanding to some of the most undefinable emotions. 

Raymond te Veldhuis

My name is Ray, fortysomething and I live in a small town in The Netherlands with my wife and 2 kids. I am an entrepreneur and love to write... 'Train Your Focus' is a blog about finding focus in a world full of technology and distractions. It is about simplicity, mindfulness, happiness and leading a productive and meaningful life. Making use of ancient techniques and mixing them with modern technologies. I aim to entertain people. But also to inspire them to make small changes that can have a big impact on their lives.

For more of Ray's blogs please visit: www.trainyourfocus.com

Racheal Chapman

Hi, I’m Racheal - married and a mum of 2 lovely children. On top of everyday life, my daughter has a rare condition called Turner’s syndrome which adds a bit more stress and anxiety to the mix. But as a family we get through each day, face each hurdle and come out stronger. I’ve been blogging about my daughter’s experiences for the last 6 years and hope that by sharing some accounts of my own life as well as the thoughts in my mind, it may just help and encourage another person. For more of Racheal's blogs about her daughter's turner syndrome, please visit: turnersyndromeandus.blogspot.com

Bojan Ceceric

Hiya, I’m Bojan, and at the tender age of 21 I have realised that I live with a lot of regret but just like with everything, there is no time like the present! So I’m just expressing myself with no filter because, why not. Trying to live in the moment and live for the future. Hopefully what I write helps someone, somewhere! For more of Bojan's blogs please visit: https://bojansjourney.blogspot.com/

Aisling Healy

Hi, my name is Aisling. My inspiration to start blogging comes from certain life events that I have experienced which has challenged my own well being. I started to notice in greater detail, all of life pressures we must endure and began to wonder how well we are all actually coping. I would like to share methods that I use to stay calm and positive in dealing with life's struggles. For more of Aisling's blogs visit: alwaysaisling.wixsite.com/blog

Chantel Muller

My name is Chantel and I want to share with you my life's vulnerabilities and expressions of hope through Photosynthesis, a unique confluence of two beautiful forms of artful expression: Image and Word. I hope you find inspiration from my random ramblings of beauty and life and enjoy this journey with me. For more of Chantel's blog please visit: https://bit.ly/2HD63YL

Millie Caffull

I'm Millie. I'm 24 years old and in full time work as Communications Manager, but my real passion is writing. In particular, writing about my thoughts and feelings on body positivity, food attitudes, health and wellness based off my experience of an eating disorder that started when I was 19. For more of Millie's blogs about mental health, body positivity, exercise & food visit www.milliemindandbody.com

Armelle McGeachie

Hey, I'm Armelle. It may not be worth saying, but I don’t consider myself an expert writer. What is worth talking about is how I still love it. And I hope this intrigue nurtures me to be the writer I always thought I could never be. From a struggling school student to accepting my dyslexia and finally understanding why I was, well… me, I find myself working on writing in my professional and personal life. For more of Armelle's blogs visit: https://runningthered.blog

Chessie Poole

My name is Chessie. I am 22, and hope to become a psychologist in the future. I originally started my blog because I was in a very dark place, and writing has always helped me cope. Little did I know I would receive so much support and many words of encouragement from revealing my true thoughts and feelings. I still battle with my illness every day, but each day I grow stronger. I’ve lived through the darkest nights to tell my story, and I hope you may find inspiration through my writing to do the same. For more of Chessie's blogs please visit: https://chesspoole.wordpress.com/

Megan Dreyer

Hello, I'm Megan - the founder of #Me. I love exploring new places, meeting new people and have a real travelling bug! I'm also really passionate about helping people, in particular, helping empower people. I've always enjoyed reading and when I was younger, even dreamed of being a writer. Everyone has a story and I find it fascinating to hear these stories... it's also rather therapeutic to get my thoughts on paper and who knows, it may even help someone.

Zoe Holland

Hey, my name is Zoe. I'm 24 years old and after graduating from university, I now work within the information technology and services industry as a project manager. I love working within a team, empowering one another to work towards a united goal. I have always looked up to female role models and strive to be a strong, happy and successful woman myself. I find writing useful as it enables me to think through situations and express myself so I hope that my experiences and thoughts can be somewhat useful for others too.

Beth Wilson

Hey, I’m Beth. I am a 17 year old student currently studying Chemistry, Biology and Psychology. My major passion is in Psychology and I hope to study this at university soon! I’ve always enjoyed writing and expressing my feelings ever since I was little. I'm currently finding balancing my studies and everyday life quite stressful so my hope is that my blogs can help those in a similar situation, from the perspective of a teenage girl in society.