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The focus on mental health within the corporate environment is being increasingly talked about and looked into. Businesses are under pressure to provide welfare and support services for their employees. #Me can provide resources and training for your staff so that they are equipped to ensure employee wellbeing. Not only will your employees be looked after, but happier employees create a more productive work-force. Interested? Contact us using the form below to find out more.

#Me provides mental health and wellbeing support to improve productivity, company culture and working relationships. #Me provides resources to improve self-awareness, promote a positive mindset and encourage sustainable, healthy habits so employees are better equipped to handle life’s ups and downs.

Company Values

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  • Persevering. Continually striving to cultivate a positive change in mindset.

  • Openness. Seizing opportunities to learn, improve and adapt.

  • Winning Together. Be the change you seek in the world by helping yourself and others.

  • Empowerment. Everyone should feel welcome, valued and respected.

  • Resilience. Endeavour to make connections, have regular interaction and honest communication.