Calling all youth...

12th August 2019

Young people face a huge amount of pressure in today’s society….pressure to fit in, to do well at school, to keep up with the latest trends, to navigate the minefield that is social media, but to name a few.

 Throw hormones in to the equation and it’s no wonder that many of our young people are buckling under the pressure.


This Autumn we are excited to launch our first #Me Youth support groups! Our young people can often feel alone or like they are the only ones who are feeling the way they are.  So instead of navigating life alone, we aim to put like minded young people together in a safe environment where they can be open and honest, and share how they are truly feeling.


The aim of the 12 week course is to improve self-awareness & emotional resilience, characteristics that are essential in modern society. Meeting weekly for an hour at a time, these young people will over time also form strong bonds with other members of their group, forming a support structure that will hopefully extend long beyond the 12 week course.



  • Weekly sessions - Wednesday evenings 7-8pm

  • Commencing Wednesday 11th September, through to Wednesday 27th November

  • 2 groups still have space available - one for young males, one for young females

  • Target age 13-17 years

Do you or someone you know think you could benefit from participating in our #Me youth course? Click on the link below to get in touch!

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