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By Chessie Poole

My name is Chessie. I am 22, and hope to become a psychologist in the future. I originally started my blog because I was in a very dark place, and writing has always helped me cope. Little did I know I would receive so much support and many words of encouragement from revealing my true thoughts and feelings. I still battle with my illness every day, but each day I grow stronger. I’ve lived through the darkest nights to tell my story, and I hope you may find inspiration through my writing to do the same.

Living with a mental illness is a constant battle. It’s struggling to define the fine line between wishing people could understand, yet never wanting to wish this life upon your worst enemy.

Living with a mental illness does not define you, or me. It means that we work a bit harder to get through the day and to manage daily tasks like showering, brushing teeth, eating, sleeping, and getting out of the house.

Living with a mental illness is the most challenging thing I have encountered in my life. Some may say I’ve had a relatively smooth life, but they don’t know what’s in my head. I feel like I’ve lost years and years of my life to mental illness. I don’t mean to portray that I’ve had a terrible life. I still manage to smile every day, even if the expression isn’t genuine.

Living with a mental illness is difficult. Some days it feels impossible. Some days I want to give up, even after years of treatment. I’ve been given packets upon packets of “self-help” type stuff from therapists over the years. I honestly couldn’t say how many different prescription medications I’ve tried throughout my life, but it’s more than I can count on my fingers and toes. I’ve been fortunate enough to have access to all resources necessary to live a good life, but still, I struggle.

Living with a mental illness feels like a black hole, although, I have hope for a better day. I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I know it’s there. Similar to how some people believe in God; they can’t physically see him/her but they have hope. They feel the light. I am not a religious person, but I, too, feel the light. I have a flame within my soul, I feel it. It may appear to be fading with every breath, but it’s there. I feel it.

Living with a mental illness is extremely isolating and very scary. If you’re struggling today, please remind yourself that you are not alone. I struggle to type these words and read them back to myself, because right now, I hardly believe I’m not alone. However, I’ve been fortunate enough to live through the longest nights. I am not alone.

Living with a mental illness requires constant effort to balance yourself between the truth and the lies you tell yourself, the balance between logic and emotion.

Living with a mental illness is challenging, but it’s living, nonetheless. Please stay here with me. We’ll live together. x

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