Enjoy the little things

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Enjoy the little things 

By Aisling Healy


Hi, my name is Aisling. My inspiration to start blogging comes from certain life events that I have experienced which has challenged my own well being. I started to notice in greater detail, all of life pressures we must endure and began to wonder how well we are all actually coping. I would like to share methods that I use to stay calm and positive in dealing with life's struggles. 

We take so much for granted and we are doing so unconsciously. It’s rare that you can look around and not see at least one person engrossed in their phones. I’ve noticed this getting progressively worse as time goes on and it’s worrying.

I started observing this recently to challenge the level of our addiction to technology. I went to a concert last month and most people were taking photos and videos rather than watching the performance for themselves. People were sitting together but not acknowledging each other. They were more focused on Instagram checking the amount of likes they received when they checked in than enjoying being there.

We went to a restaurant and I looked around at my fellow diners there with partners, friends and family. At every single table there was at least one person on their phone. Again another photo for Instagram of the food, drink and how fabulous of time one is having. Why do we prefer the attention of those who aren’t there rather than those who are actually with us?

Don’t get me wrong we are all privy to a good Instagram photo but it’s the amount of time that we are spending living through these devices instead of enjoying the most wonderful things around us. In addition to the pressure social media and technology puts on us, it's making us sail through life unconsciously no longer looking around us, no longer being present and enjoying the little things in life. We will look back at the places we have been and barely remember them because we didn’t acknowledge the view, the smell of the air, the look of the sky. Of course we will have a photo but how many times do we actually ever look back on that photo we took? Did we observe our surroundings before taking the photo or quick snap and move on?

How to live in the now and be present? I have some tips/challenges for you!

  • Go for a walk and leave your phone at home. Breathe in the fresh air. Look at the trees. Listen to the birds. Look around you. Be mindful.

  • When you go to a restaurant or an event with your friends or family put the phone away. Talk. Don’t talk. Enjoy each other’s company.

  • Limit your use of technology. Allocate a small amount of time in the day to using social media and then stop. Make sure you give yourself time to switch off especially before bed.

  • Enjoy a concert/play/experience through your own eyes rather than a screen. Again put the phone away.

  • Talk to a stranger. You never know what you might learn! I sat on a long train journey recently. Normally we sit with our earphones and hope no one talks to us. This time I didn’t and I had spoken to the lady sitting beside me. I learned about her life and her journey. It was really interesting and her story taught me some lessons. Give it a try, you never know where it might take you.

Do you have trouble switching off? Do you often stop, look around you and appreciate being in the now? Do you feel you may be addicted to technology?

Thank you for reading, AlwaysAisling

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