Life is fast-paced and busy. We are plugged into social media and have a fear of missing out. The pressure to appear happy and successful can too often result in our online persona masking real feelings, causing isolation and significant harm to wellbeing.

#Me cuts into the isolation and loneliness that an online presence often masks or even creates. We aim to create safe, supportive environments for people who are on a similar journey in life. A place to connect with one another through real interaction.

The weekly, hour long #Me Meetings run for 12 weeks; our research shows that 3 months allows time to process information, grow in confidence and experience positive change. Each meeting is facilitated and group sizes are kept small to create a more open and trusting environment to share and build friendships. Your journey will be aided by a logbook to help process emotions, reflect, and view your progress.

Although the facilitators have knowledge and experience of mental health, they are not necessarily professionally trained, or working in their capacity as counsellors or doctors and their advice should not replace that of any professional you are seeing regarding your mental health. They will strive to help you in the best way they can, and will signpost you to professional help should that be necessary.

Our Beginning

Megan Dreyer founded #Me after graduating from Loughborough University with a  BSc International Business degree. She was awarded Committee Member of the Year during her final year for her role as secretary and welfare officer for the Loughborough University Women's Hockey Club. Megan has always had a heart for helping people and her time spent travelling during her gap year before university helped her understand that no matter who you are, where you are or what you've been through, there is always someone willing to listen and be there to support you.  

Megan's own experience and that of people close to her has led to starting #Me Meetings.  Megan realised that the pressure to keep up with social media can often result in us missing out in real life. This realisation was the motivation for #Me. Megan wanted to connect like-minded people, encourage face to face communication and human interaction; Real support for Real Emotions through Real People.

Facilitators, we need you

#Me is looking for friendly, kind and passionate volunteers who have experience within mental health, whether this be personally, or through assisting friends, family and colleagues, or in a professional capacity. We need you to volunteer on a weekly basis to facilitate a #Me Meeting in your local community.  We provide training, a program and frameworks, tools and support throughout. This is a highly rewarding and excellent opportunity to try something different, gain experience, be part of the community and help change someone’s life.